Go Ask Alice - Inhaltsangabe Charakterisierung (Englisch)

Interpretation, Own Opinion, Joel Reems, Alice, Characteristic, Summary, Inhaltsangabe, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Go Ask Alice - Inhaltsangabe Charakterisierung (Englisch)
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- Go Ask Alice Author: The author is a fifteen year old anonymous girl, who wrote a diary. She starts to take drugs with fifteen years because of her friends and group pressure. She often used to get off drugs, but she didn t really can. The girl died three weeks after decided that she didn t keep another diary, but nobody knows why. Summary: Diary number one: The book Go ask Alice is about a teenager girl. Alice was in love with Roger when she and her family moved to ------ where her dad had do work. At ------ she get to know a boy, who called Scott. She went out with him to cinema. When Alice went to the new school, she hasn t friends for long time, but her younger brother and her younger sister get friends very early. After some weeks she got a Jewish friend, called Beth. At ...

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