Go Ask Alice - Inhaltsangabe Charakterisierung (Englisch)

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Anonymous - Go Ask Alice

The author is a fifteen year old anonymous girl, who wrote a diary. She starts to take drugs with fifteen years because of her friends and group pressure. She often used to get off drugs, but she didn’t really can. The girl died three weeks after decided that she didn’t keep another diary, but nobody knows why.


Diary number one:
The book “Go ask Alice” is about a teenager girl. Alice was in love with Roger when she and her family moved to ------ where her dad had do work. At ------ she get to know a boy, who called Scott. She went out with him to cinema. When Alice went to the new school, she hasn’t friends for long time, but her younger brother and her younger sister get friends very early.

After some weeks she got a Jewish friend, called Beth. At summer holidays, Beth went to a camp for six weeks and Alice visited her Grandparents. At her Grans, she went to Jill’s party. At the party somebody put LSD in her coke. When Alice drank it, she felt happy and without problems. Some days later she went out with Bill and try torpedos and speed. At this day she also had sex with Bill. At the next day, Roger visited her. He was the boy with who she wanted to have her first sex. She felt very bad and went back home. Back home, Alice couldn’t sleep, so she went to a doctor who gave her some sleeping pills. At the doctors waiting room she got to know Chris who works in a boutique. Chris spoke to her boss and he let Alice work in the boutique too. She got to know Chris’s boyfriend Ted from who she got pot. After some time, she and Chris went to San Francisco, where Chris got a job at Sheila and Alice at Mr. Mellani. Sheila wasn’t only the boss of Chris she also was a good friend. So Alice and Chris went to Sheila’s parties every day where they smoke joints. Together the both bought an apartment to open their own boutique.

It was Christmas time and Alice felt very lonely and went back home. At home her grandparents came to see her and they stayed for Christmas. Alice found this time wonderful. At New Year she and her family went to a Party with Dad’s friends. It was really fun. When George took Alice to the dance at school she took drugs again. Her parents found out that Alice took drugs and so they watch her like she was six years old. It was too much for Alice and so she ran away from home. She went into a church to pray. After some days she got to know a nice guy who drove Alice to a doctor and gave her some new clothes. AT the waiting room Alice met Doris who is only fourteen years old. Alice went with her and Doris showed her all sights. Both didn’t have money and no eat. Alice felt worse and worse because of the drugs. Alice went to the church again and spoke with an old priest who called her parents to get her. Back home she learned about new friends who likes her all. She started a new diary.

Diary number two:
Alice will start a new life. She talked about drugs with her brother Tim very long. Her grandparents came to visit the family because Alice’s mother had birthday. When Alice planed the birthday party she had a flashback.
She cooked a menu for her mother. Although Alice had a very nice family, she felt lonely because she wanted a boyfriend. Gramps felt worse and worse and some days later Gramps was in coma and died. After the funeral of Gramps Gran came with them and stay till school is out because she felt very lonely after Gramps death. When school was out Alice moved back with her grandmother to help her to sell her house. Back home Alice met a boy at the library at her Dad’s university. The boy called Joel Reems and he felt in love with Alice. Some day she baby sit at the house of Jan’s parents. Now also her Gran died. Alice felt very bad. Her new boyfriend Joel also came to the funeral.

When Alice was babysitting she ate chocolate covered peanuts in which someone put acid. She was very high and hurt herself so Alice came to hospital. Alice’s parents sent her to an insane asylum, where she was in a small cell, because someone told her parents that she sell drugs at school. In her neighbor cell is an only thirteen years old girl, who told Alice all about her past and also the fifteen years old Tom told her all about his past and why he took drugs. When Alice’s parents visited her they gave her a letter from Joel because her father told him the truth abut Alice’s past. When she was back home she went to New York for a weekend. After these holidays she and her family celebrate the birthday of Alice’s Dad. At the same day they also celebrate Alice’s birthday and Joel came and ate with her family. She decided to keep not another diary.


I think Alice is a very curious girl but she isn’t very popular at school mainly at the new school in --------. Her family is very important for her and she helps her mother and her grandmother wherever she can.

Joel Reems:
Joel was Alice’s last boyfriend in this book. I think he is a very nice boy and every parents would have so a good boy as boyfriend for his daughter. He loves Alice very much because although he knows all about Alive he likes her as much as before.

Interpretation/Own Opinion:
This book show how dangerous drugs could be. I think the girl at this wasn’t happy enough, because she took the drugs to forget her problems. The book show also that when people take drugs that they can’t get off quick, because Alice often said that she never will take drugs but she take it again and again. I like this book, because it shows how dangerous drugs could be and the reader learn much about drugs and the life with drugs. It wasn’t too hard too read but sometimes I must read a page twice to understand it completely. I would recommend this book.