Mendel, Gregor-Johann - Mendelian Laws (Englisch)

Gregor-Johann Mendel, laws, law of uniformity and reciprocity, law of segregation, law of independent assortment, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Mendel, Gregor-Johann - Mendelian Laws (Englisch)
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The Mendelian Laws - Fach: Englisch

The three Mendelian laws:

  1. The law of uniformity and reciprocity:
    if you cross two individuals that differ in only one trait for which they are homozygous, the offspring in the F1 generation is uniform. the result is the same if you exchange the sex of the parents.
  2. The law of segregation: (Spaltungsregel)
    if you cross the individuals of the F1 generation with each other, the F2 generation is not uniform but segregates (seperates) in a particular ratio. in a dominant-recessive cross the traits segregate in a ratio of 3:1 considering the phenotype respectively 1:2:1 considdering the genotype.
  3. The law of independent assortment: (Regel von der Unabhängigkeit der Erbanlagen oder der Neukombination der Gene) 
    if you cross hybrid individuals of two truebreeding parents that differ in two traits, these traits are inherited independently and newly combined in gametogenesis and fertilization.