Lord Of The Flies (1)

Lord Of The Flies (1) Englisch, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Lord Of The Flies (1)
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OF THE FLIES Whatever its intellectual pretensions, William Golding has created a successful adventure story about a group of boys abandoned on a tropical island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. They are the victims of a war which is still in progress elsewhere. First, they put up an election. A boy called Ralph is elected by a clear majority over an other boy called Jack. Ralph, Jack and a third boy called Piggy set out to check if they are indeed on an island. They confirm it by climbing a high hill. On the way back they find a young pig but it escapes before they manage to kill it. During the following days they start to build shelters and decide to put up a rescue fire up on the high hill, which they light with Piggy s glasses. While everyone worried about the chances of rescue, ...

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