London, Jack The Call Of The Wild

London, Jack The Call Of The Wild Englisch, Referat, Hausaufgabe, London, Jack The Call Of The Wild
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CALL OF THE WILD von JACK LONDONTobias JörgerAbout the Author:Born in 1876 in the slums of San Fransico, Jack London was forced to leave school after 8th grade by proverty. He spent the rest of his teenage years as an oyster gatherer, fisherman and explorer of the great North. He also was a pirate, a seaman, a Yukon prospector, and a tramp. After his marriage and one year of education at the University of California, he devoted himself completely to writing. Steading he wrote articels for magazines and also some novels. The subject matter depended on his conflecting of ideas: his growing knowledge of the plight of the masses burdened one side of his heart, his passion of individualism burdened the other one. Although London had an enormous sized fortune, he spent his last few years in ...

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