Steinbeck, John: The Pearl

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THE PEARL (By John Steinbeck) Kino: Kino is not confident with his life. All he wants is to give his wife a better life and that that his son learns to read and write. He doesn´t want his son, Coyotito, to grow up in a strow hut as a poor. Juana: Juana, the wife of Kino, is confident with her life. She prefers living in a small village and her wish is to have a nice family, a healthy son and a satisfiet husband, so she always helps Kino and stands by his side. Juan Tomás: He is Kino´s brother and helps him every time and they always stick together. Kino, his wife Juana and their son Coyotito live togehter in a small village near the sea. They are poor and live in a small strow huts and Kino´s job is to search pearls in the sea. One day Coyotito is stuck by a scorpion and gets very ill. ...

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