Hinton, S.E.: The Outsiders

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The Different Project S: E. Hinton The Outsiders The Outsiders is a story of US teenage gangsterism. Summary Ponyboy Curtis lives in a city of Oklahoma. He is the narrator of the story. He lives together with his two older brothers. They live on the east-side of the city where all the Greasers are situated. The Greasers are a gang. The opposite gang are the Socs. They live on the west-side of the city. Socs is an abbreviation for the socials, the jet set, the rich kids. In the greasers gang are only poor kids. They have got long hair with grease in it. That is why they are called Greasers. Greasers and Socs fight each other. One day Ponyboy talks with a girl of a Soc s and spends the whole evening with her. This Soc, Bob, does not like that. In the same night a friend of Ponyboy s Johnny and Ponyboy himself are walking through a park. Bob and four other Socs pursue and stop them. One Soc catches Ponyboy and shoves his face into a fountain. Johnny sees how Ponyboy suffers. He takes his knife and stabs Bob. The other Soc stops shoving Ponyboy s face. The Socs realize that Bob is dead and they run away. Ponyboy and Johnny hide from the police and go outside the city. They stay some days in the country. Near the hiding-place there is an old church. One day the church is burning. There are some kids around and in the church. Johnny and Ponyboy go in to save the children from the burning church. Both are hurt and the ambulance brings them to the hospital. Johnny and Ponnyboy are ...

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