Ambrose, David: Mother of God

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Mother of God by David Ambrose Title: The title implies that the book is about a woman inventing something extremely powerful. The book is about a maniac serial killer in L.A and a young female scientist, who is able to create a program with artificial intelligence. The book is about a mysterious serial killer who uses the internet to gain all the information about his victims. For his search he uses a university computer at Oxford where he sets accidentally a program free. Once set free the program mutates and uses the killer to fulfil its dreadful plans. Characters: Dr. Tessa Lambert: Her parents died when she was 12 and from then on she lived with her aunt. She wasn t allowed to stay out with other children so she spent nearly all her time learning. She got a scholarship at Oxford and was allowed to leave school two years earlier than usual. She took a first in math, then did her doctorate. She tutored for a couple of terms, then went to work for a software company and finally came back to the Kendall Laboratory at Oxford. She specialised in cybernetics. She was recreating the program of a robot when she found a way of creating artificial intelligence. Almost at the same time she found out that she was pregnant by her long-term-friend, their relation ended abruptly. Still she wanted to carry out the baby and was terrified to lose it. p.175: Making it believe in itself was proving harder than making it believe had been to her. Special Agent Tim Kelly: He works with the ...

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