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Using limking words for text construction Before the writing stage the relationship between the various ideas and different arguments should be indicated on the mind map. Here is a list of linking devices to choose from. Purpose Linking words Contrast and comparison While, whereas, in contrast, however, but, (al)though Reference Both neither, all none Beginning First(ly), to begin with, as a start, in the first place Addition Second(ly), moreover, in addition, besides, furthermore, not only that,but..., what is more Example For instance, for example, such as Paraphrase In other words, that is to say, to put it another way Concession Although, nevertheless, still, yet, in spite of, however, on the contrary Consequence As a result, consequently, so, because of, so that, as a consequence Dominance Above all, most important of all, best worst of all, last but not least Conclusion On the whole, in conclusion, to sump up, in all, in short In the final stage it might be helpful to look at the mind map again and see which purpose your argumente serve. Finally, to structure your text use paragraphs, and remember to use appropriate linking words. ...

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