Ireland and the Conflict in Northern Ireland

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Ireland and the Conflict in Northern Ireland Ireland is an island, of the British Isles, the westernmost and second largest of the group, in the North Atlantic Ocean, and separated from Great Britain by St George`s Channel on the southeast, the Irish Sea on the east, and the North Channel on the northeast. Politically, the island is divided into Northern Ireland, a constituent part of Great Britain, and the Republic of Ireland, formerly Eire. The area of the island is 84,431 sq km in extent. The population of the island was 1997 5,3 millions. The land The eastern coast of Ireland is comparatively regular; the western coast is fringed by steep cliffs, and hundreds of small islands. The chief features are a region of lowlands, occupying the central and east central sections. Carrantuohill (1,041 m), located in the southwestern section of the island, is the highest point in Ireland. The principal rivers of Ireland are the Erne and the Shannon. The flora of Ireland comes largely from Britain and also the Irish fauna does not differ markedly from that of Britain. Climate The climate of Ireland is mild and damp throughout the year. The prevailing westerly winds from the warm Gulf Stream are largely responsible for the lack of extreme summer heat and winter cold. Natural Resources The most valuable natural resources of Ireland are its fertile soils and rich pasturelands. Natural waterpower is abundant. The chief minerals are basalt, limestone, sand and gravel, granite, chalk, ...

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