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Hongkong Hiangkiang, as it is called in China, consists of the islands Hongkong, Lantao, Kowloon and the New Territories ; its 6 million inhabitants resident in an area of 1045 km . Former refugees are the greatest part of the population, 166 000 inhabitants live on only one km , therefore they have the highest population density. Hongkong is also known as the biggest textile exporter and is famous for its second largest container port. Its leading exports are textile and clothing, electronic products, watches and clocks; Hongkong export more than 95 of its products. After the opium wars in 1842 Hongkong became a colony of Great Britain and a few years later the British extended their colony, they got Kowloon. 1898 they expanded their colony for the second time and got the new territories for 99 years. After 99 years they had to hand this district back to China within the other territories. So the first of July became a magic date for all inhabitants. Between 1945 and 1949 the most refugees arrived at Hongkong because of the communists. In 1953 53 000 people became homeless because of a big fire, after that they started to build skyscrapers and now there are nearly all houses skyscrapers. Nowadays 40 of the population live in the new territories. It s no problem to get there because the transport is very efficient. People have a lot of opportunities in travelling: Light Rail Transit - it s like an automatic tram Mass Transit Railway it s the underground Busses Star Ferry ...

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