Joyce, James: Eveline

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Eveline Evelines Thoughts Past: her mother was alive a pretty good childhood she used to play her father wwas not so bad then the death of her mother; her promise to her mother to take care about the familiy Present: She has to take care of the family Her father is wild sometimes a live of commonplace sacrifices many friends leave (alltägliche Aufopferung) her work is not good (at hte stores) Frank is courting her Futur marriage have a family in Buenos Aires a home waiting for her a promise of a better life a kind, loving husband Action takes place inside Eveline`s head Symbolism in Eveline odour of dusty - death cretonne - deafening (Taubheit) window - she only looks at her life broken harmonium - no harmony in her life yellowing photograph - past, decay north wall - cold, no way out ship - hope for a new life Buenos Aires - good air Frank - freedom (Frank frei) Why does Eveline not go? Eveline`s reaction is completely irrational. Her major feeling is her fear of what might be in the future. James Joyce 1882 Dublin (eldest of 16 or 17 children) goes to Jesuit College and Dublin University 1904 leaves Ireland forever together with Nora Barnacle for Paris live in Paris and Triest 1908 Dubliners is published 1916 The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. 1921 Ulysses is published 1936 last book Finnegans Wake is published; lives in Zurich 1941 he dies ...

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