Innes, Hammond: The Wreck of the Mary Deare

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The Wreck of the Mary Deare by Hammond Innes The title says that the story is about the sinking of a ship, the Mary Deare. The story is about an attented insurance fraud. The story is about the sinking of the Mary Deare, a ship, which had loaded , zement-blocks instead of exepensive aeroplane engines. The owner of the ship tried to wreck it, but he wasn´t able to. Later the insurance found out that the aeroplane-engines had been sold to the Chinese. Characters: Mr. Sands: He is the main character,he is about thirty years old an unmarried. He own´s a salvage- ship, the Sea Witch. He risks his life for his job. He didn´t like Patch when he met him first, but later they got good friends. He wants to find out the truth about the wreck of the Mary Deare. p.14, Patch Gideon: He was the first officer on the Mary Deare and after the captain had died, he became captain. He was the only one who stayed at the ship until it ran on sand. 5000 pounds were offerd to him by the owner of the ship, Mr.Dellimare, to wreck the ship, but he efused and killed Mr. Dellimare, as he tried to lay a pipe-bombe in the holds . He hit the ship on a sandbank as an evidence of his inocence. Later he returned to the ship where he found out, that there were zementblocks in the cargo bay, instead of aero-engines. In the end he got a check ofer 2500 pounds from the insurance officer. I´d warned him to keep out of the holds. I shone my torch to him. He was pushing a pipe-shaped thing between a case and the ...

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