Clarke, Arthur C.: 2001

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Clarke, Arthur C.: 2001
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2001 Arthur C. Clarke Primeval Night The tribe and Moon-Watcher himself didn t know that the Monolith was mapping their bodies and studying their brains just at the moment when they were looking at the pale, milky luminiscence from the monolith which shows them moving and rotating patterns. The monolith made compulsive sounds so that the man-apes came like sleep-walkers to their source to await the next lesson. It shows the man-apes how to hunt and come to terms with starvation and thought them how to built and use tools like knives and saws. The monolith helped the man-apes to make their first steps into their future. T.M.A. I Dr. Heywood Floyd is heading to the space station. He has a special flight. After some time at the space station and after a conversation with an old friend, the moon shuttle, which is going to take Dr. Floyd down to the Calvius bose, is ready for him. His old friend, Dr. Dimitri Moisewitch, seems to know something about T.M.A. I because he mentioned it during their conversation and asked Dr. Floyd if they can handle it without further help. On Calvius base Dr. Floyd gets information about everything they know about T.M.A. I by now. So Floyd decides to go there himself. T.M.A. I is the shortcut for Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 1 . T.M.A. I is a very strong magnetic field which source was located in the Tycho crater. The second expedition to Tycho found something very strange. In about 10 meters under the ground. They show Dr. Floyd a photography which only ...

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