Civil War (1861-1865)

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Civil War (1861-1865) Background: USA are divided into North and South by different economical systems North: industry, banking, international trade, expanding railway network South: manly agriculture (cotton, little rice, sugar, tobacco), rather poor railway connections A conflict rises: 1800 - 1840: cotton production rises by factor 18 (approx. 300 million kg per year) slaves are used as cheap workers expansion of state area necessary, because cotton monoculture exhausted the soil South: pro slavery attitude: not responsible for it, cultural habit, more humane under slavery system than under the northern wages system Northern antislavery movement: 1808: Congress abolishes slave trade with Africa afterwards antislavery-protest maintained by Quakers1831: Garrison publishes The Liberator appeals for uncompromising and complete liberation radical, combative, uncompromising Underground Railroad(Northerners freed slaves from the South) 1820: Missouri Compromise (slavery was limited to states where it already existed) 1845: Texas annexed (always had slavery) 1846: USA expand westwards (California, Utah, New Mexico) conflict about slavery issue: extent Missouri Compromise to the West? let the new states decide (popular sovereignty)1848: gold rush in California slavery issue had to be solved, before new government could be established1850: Compromise of 1850 free soil constitution in California New Mexico and Utah organised without mention of slavery more effective machinery to ...

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