Lessing, Doris May: The Grass Is Singing

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The Grass Is Singing Author: Doris Lessing Setting: South Africa, Rhodesia Time: about 40 years ago Plot: At the beginning of this story we get to know about Mary Turner s murder in Rhodesia. She had always had severe problems with her parents but as soon as her sister and brother died, the relationship got better. Mary moved to a girls-house, where she had the nicest time in her life. But one day she heard two girls talking about her. They wondered why she hadn t married yet and said it would be time for Mary to marry. After some time Mary went to the cinema where she first met Dick. She was not interested in him as a man, but she felt the need to marry. So, two weeks later they married and moved to Dick s farmhouse. It was small and bare. Mary despised such a poor and primitive lifestyle but she did not dare to tell Dick. At that time they employed Samson as black servant. But since Mary wasn t used to servants she didn t know how to treat them correctly and was far too strict and brutal. Finally she dismissed him. Dick on the other hand couldn t understand her decision at all. They did not argue neither. Mary more and more realized that she did not have any emotions for her husband and wanted to return to the city, but since Dick wished to stay at the farm and have children she changed her attitude. Mary thought about having a daughter to have company and stop spending whole days out on the fields, but after a discussion nothing changed. Suddenly Dick got pretty ill and ...

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