Domestic Violence

violation of human rights, household, places of refuge, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence The history of domestic violence Domestic violence is persistent and intentional abuse of any kind, whether physical, sexual or mental. Violence is carried out by children on their parents, particularly when the parents are elderly, and by parents on their children: This is described as child abuse. Domestic violence has been found in many different cultures in history, but attitudes have changed. For many centuries women had a shortage of legal rights in most parts of the world, but husbands, who were responsible for their wives, were allowed to chastise them physically. Men had always been the dominating partner in a relationship, but then the women realized that all persons are equal no matter which sex. This was the first step to equality between men and women. But not everywhere the situation is the same at the moment. Even in our technified world human rights are violated. Not in wars or in prisons,but in the sleeping rooms of normal houses. Human rights researchers found out that domestic violence is tolerated in Brazil, Russia, and Ghana, although it is illegal. However, sociologists have shown that men have continued to use violence to put their families under pressure. The situation today some facts In nine cases out of ten, the violence is carried out by a man - often a husband or partner, but it can also come from a son, father, or other family members. An incident in which you feel threatened by someone you know, can also be classified as ...

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