Neoclassicism and Romanticism

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British Architecture: Jan Breddin; Wednesday, 8. July 1998 Neoclassicism and Romanticism Basic knowledge about classical and gothic architecture is needed Neoclassicism 1780 - 1850 It corresponds to the reaction against the Baroque as the style of Absolutism It corresponds loosely with the Enlightenment, Age of Reason influence of Classic and a nostalgia for past civilisations adoption of classical forms rationalism in architecture Cumberland Terrace, Regent s Park, London, by John Nash, 1826-27 Development: early (1720) architects: Lord Burlington, Colen Campbell begin of the turning away from Baroque style characterised by a simpler and more restrained style first fully neoclassical building in 1731: Lord Burlington s Assembly Rooms at York, based on Palladio s reconstruction of an Egyptian hallThe next generation of architects remained conservative (Baroque) birth of English Neoclassicism initiated by Robert Adams use of antique forms in a new context planning based on contrasting room shapes and spaces time of R. Adams over by 1780The new generation new mood: the aims were a noble simplicity and antique grandeur they were sick of gingerbread and snippets of embroidery By 1800 nearly all English architecture reflected the Neoclassical spirit After 1800 the interest in revival of Greek forms intensified and the stream of buildings based either wholly or in part on Greek models continued well into the 19th century (e.g. Cambridge College (1806-11) with details closely ...

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