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Kati.kirchtag CANADA In many ways Canada is an impossible country. You can t talk about Canada without mentioning 2 different factors: the country s immense land mass and the climate. Living in a such sparsely populated country gives the Canadians a sense of space and freedom, but they are constantly struggling to define their identity. The winter in Canada is very long and also very cold, but how long and how cold depends from the area. In the North it s quite colder than in the South. The Canadians pride themselves on their low crime rate and the comparative lack of violence in their cities. They have very restrictive gun control laws and Canada has also never experienced anything like the American Wild West . The country s first prime minister , Sir A. Macdonald, set up a paramilitary police force known as the North-western Mounted Police, in 1873. But there are of course also violent parts in Canada s history, when the Quebecois wanted to separate Quebec from Canada. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is a part of the glue held the country together. The CBC Radio is very famous, because it never underestimates the intelligence of it s listeners. National programs such as Morningside encourage audience participation in the form of letters from the listeners. (207 words) Politics On the fall day in 1984, Mulroney announced: Give us 20 years and you won t recognise this country . And since that day there has been many changes: smaller governments, ...

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