London, Jack: The Call of the Wild

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1. Poet and his life Jack London was born on Jan. 12, 1876 in San Francisco, California, USA. Jack London was only a pseudonym, adopting the surname of his stepfather, London for it. His real name was John Griffith Chaney. Because of his parent s lack of money, London had to drop out of school after the eighth grade in the age of 15. He shortly worked in a fish cannery. Being sixteen he became an oyster pirate in San Francisco Bay and later changed to the other side of law, joining the fish patrol. In 1893, in the age of 17, he set off on a seven-month voyage on a sealing ship to Japan. This experience led to his first story, and later influenced one of his best known novels, The Sea-Wolf (1904). Returning to the USA, he became a hobo travelling trough America. He experienced economic depression, unemployment and poverty. After being jailed for vagrancy near Niagara Falls, he realised the need of an education. He finished High School and studied at Berkley University. Before that he had educated himself at public libraries with the writings of Charles Darwin, Marx and Nietzsche and developed an own blended philosophy of socialism and white superiority. After a year at Berkley, London left University to seek a fortune in the Klondike gold rush of 1897. What he did find was scurvy and London got back to California after a year and a two-thousand-mile voyage down the Yukon River. Returning, still poor and unable to find work, he decided to earn a living as a writer. As he had ...

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