Black People 2 (Fortsetzung)

Ann Peters, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Black People 2 (Fortsetzung)
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BLACK PEOPLE UNIT 2 Rosa Parks: was one of the first black ladies who refused to obey the unwritten law - fought for equality Unit2 Nr. 4 LC: The sociologist Ann Peters is talking about prejudices. There are different types- so called stereo- types: groups of professions, of the age, of races, of sexes, of political things, of marginal. The sad thing is that the victims often are powerless. The white people often grow up with this prejudices, they learn these from society and they are not aware of them. In our society black stands for negative and white for positive things. Some examples: the black market, the black sheep of the family, to blackmail, blackouts but to white- wash somebody, white lies. This is an interest phenomenon. You never connect positives things with the color black. Prejudices against races have shaped the darkest chapters of human history - Jews, black people, ... Jews: Tiberius was a Roman Emperor. In the time of Tiberius Palestine was a Roman Province - capital was Jerusalem (city of peace)- Jews had never accepted Roman supremacy - 70 a. d. Tiberius destroyed Jerusalem and its temple - Jews went away - they scattered all over the world - movement called DIASPORA - wherever they went they formed minorities - they only wanted to survive- the persecution of the Jews reached the climax in the 20th century in the HOLOCAUST. ...

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