The Beatles

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The Beatles The Beatles were one of the most famous bands of the world. They four members of the band from Liverpool had success around the world. (ein paar Lieder von den Beatles) The four members were: John Lennon: He was born on October 9th, 1940 in Liverpool. He played the guitar, he sang and he was the leader of the band. In 1955 he found the band The Quarry Men . Their first gig was on Ju1y 9th 1957. There he met Paul McCartney who played background for John and John asked Paul if he wouldn t like to join the band. Some time later George Harrison also came to the The Quarry Men . John loved the music of Elvis Presley and it helped the band with there music and so they got a Rock n Roll band. After that they changed their name to Johnny & The Moondogs bat after a schort time the ...

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