Strain within the family

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Strain within the family The changing fabric of personal relations During the current era of economic restructuring, the family itself came under great pressure. Because of the fact that in industrialised countries a steady social and economic change is happening, a lot of married people get divorced because they have too little time for each other. Parents have to work away from home and so the children are overseen very less. This causes a dramatic drug and crime increase between teenagers. In the earlier days the families were very small because people died sooner. At the beginning of this century the extended family became more likely because the life expectancy increased. Nevertheless by the 1950´s there were only just nuclear families any more. Nowadays the family itself is taking a new form. The flexible family There are also wide geographical and cultural variations and differences between families in urban or rural areas. It wouldn t make much sense to talk in general terms about THE European, Indian, or African family. Furthermore the family is not the same as the household. Members may be spread across several households. In Africa, for example, children are sent to relatives to be fed, clothed and educated. The family has to be flexible. It s very interesting that the situation of the family in Europe and North America is worse than in Muslim countries and in Asia, although the international media is swamping the rest of the world with soap-opera images of the ...

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