The Gulf crisis

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TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------------------------- PREFACE During the war in the Gulf, a great variety of points of view and statements concerning the economic background of that war were brought forward. It now seems interesting to me to find out more about this topic and the people who spoke or wrote about it. I am also interested in the entire story about and around the war and because I missed a lot of information when it was a topical news, I saw the chance of getting really into the circumstances of the Gulf crisis and its background by writing this report. In the course of time, the Middle East has developed to a melting pot of people and states with totally different religions and beliefs. Although there have been quite a number of conflicts in that area because of this fact in the past decades, for example the Iran - Iraq war and the crisises which concerned Israel, none of them required the rest of the world actively to take as much part in as the Gulf war in 1991 did. This war, which took place from January until March 1991, was fought between Iraq and the Allies with the USA as their leader. Like a lot of other conflicts in the Gulf region before, this one has also been based on religious differences between the states concerned as it is going to be presented in the text, although the economic intentions behind the pious agitations have been obvious. During the crisis, the argument was brought up that the whole thing was just ... zur ...

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