The Growth of the USA

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The Growth of the USA Andreas Pietzowski Grundkurs Englisch K 12 1 December 13th 1996 1607-1820 Colonists (1607 - 1776) Old immigrants (1800 - 1880) both of Germanic descent (Northern, Western and Cenral Europe) Africans were brought as slaves (1619 - 1808) 1820-1840 Round 80 of all immigrants came from Europe (Ireland, Germany and Britain). Round 14 from Asia Round 6 from the Western Hemisphere Most of the Indians were pushed west of the Mississippi The country looked like that: 1840-1860 The Great Britain crossed the Atlantic Most of the immigration was from Europe to the Northern United States Potato famine of 1845 till 1849 Irish immigrants came Germans and Scandinavians 94 of all immigrants were from Europe 1860-1880 Nearly 200,000 Chinese labourers came to the West The Central and Union Pacific linked the two coasts in 1869 1880-1900 New immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe (Italians, Poles and Czechs) Chinese Exclusion Act (1882) limited immigration Concentration of foreign born population: 0-10 10-30 30 and over 1900-1920 The peak years (8.8 million people immigrated) Immigration Act (1917) excluded Asians and required literacy 1920-1940 National Origins Act (1924) against Eastern and Southern Europeans Wall Street s crash and the Great Depression lowest immigration 1940-1960 Most immigrants and their children became Americanised McCarran-Walter Act (1952) allowed Asians to immigrate again 1960-1980 Most immigrants came from Asia and Latin Americas (since ...

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