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English report Felix Winkler 7.C Today my report is about London traffic I have divided my report into 3 main categories. That is 1.) local traffic 2.) traffic 3.) and finally the airport First of all I d like to give you some information about London s population in general. London s area has got 1579 square kilometres. (km ). 6,8 million people live there. The municipal area itself offers more than 1,5 million jobs. Every day 1 Million people go from the suburbs to their jobs. Most of them use public transport. Most important are the suburb trains and the Underground. On the British Island cars drive on the left lane, take over on the right. However in London one should avoid to drive a car. It`s not driving on the left lane that causes problems but traffic chaos and looking for parking place. Maximum speedlimit on free ways is 112 kilometres per hour and 96 kilometres per hour on all other streets. Mind the gap the voice from the loudspeaker tells, everybody tries to get into the trains, the doors shut and the journey starts. 1863 the first Underground in London was set up. It was not very much like the Underground nowadays. Actually it was not different from a train having some first to third class wagons, which laid under the earth. It was pulled by a steamengine which had a special device against excessive smoke development. The London Underground is the cheapest and fastest transport. It has got 273 stations and transfers people in a network from about 420 ...

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