Johnson, Pete: The cool Boffin

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BOOK REPORT: THE COOL BOFFIN WRITTEN BY PETE JOHNSON Author & Title The book The Cool Boffin was published 1994 in the Mammoth series. The author, Pete Johnson, wrote also a great number of other books for young people. For example: The Dead Hour, We, the Haunted, I`d Rather Be Famous and the Friends Forever series. Unfortunately Pete Johnson`s biography is not mentioned in this book. Plot Richard Hodgson tells us in this book his own true story. He`s been a boffin for the first fifteen years in his life. Being a boffin means to try to be a good boy always and everywhere and to suppose that school is the only meaning of life. So the Boffin (so is Richard called) has only a few friends and is rather unpopular. Then one day as Richard waits at the bus-stop he decides suddenly not to go to school and stumbles towards the common. So he is skiving the first time. He thinks about all the humiliation he has to take at school and dreams about a life, in which he is cool and accepted by everyone. When the skive is over, he finally goes to school. There he is told that his bus has had a terrible accident. Because Richard hasn`t been at school all the morning everyone at school thinks that he was the dead passenger, who wasn`t able to be identified. When they see that the Boffin`s all right he has to tell every gory detail to his mates Steve, Danny, Tim, Anna and Ashley. Of course he doesn`t mention that he has been skiving, but instead he makes up horror stories and enjoys his sudden ...

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