Johnson, Pete: The cool Boffin

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BOOK REPORT: THE COOL BOFFIN WRITTEN BY PETE JOHNSON Author & Title The book The Cool Boffin was published 1994 in the Mammoth series. The author, Pete Johnson, wrote also a great number of other books for young people. For example: The Dead Hour, We, the Haunted, I`d Rather Be Famous and the Friends Forever series. Unfortunately Pete Johnson`s biography is not mentioned in this book. Plot Richard Hodgson tells us in this book his own true story. He`s been a boffin for the first fifteen years in his life. Being a boffin means to try to be a good boy always and everywhere and to suppose that school is the only meaning of life. So the Boffin (so is Richard called) has only a few friends and is rather unpopular. Then one day as Richard waits at the bus-stop he decides suddenly not to go to ...

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