Greene, Graham: The third man

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Graham Greene: The third man Author Graham Greene was born in 1904. After Balliol College, Oxford, he worked as a sub-editor at The Times for four years. In 1935 he made a journey through Liberia described in Journey Without Maps . Then he worked for the Roman Catholic Church and visited Mexico to report on religious persecution there. He wrote The Lawless Roads and later The Power and the Glory . He became literary editor for the Spectator for one year and worked for the Foreign Office in Sierra Leone from 1941 to 1943. He wrote several collections of short stories, travel books, plays, autobiographies, biographies and books for children. Many novels and short stories have been filmed. Graham Greene died in April 1991. Characters Rollo Martins.......... second-rate novelist Herr Kurtz.......... Lime s friend Benjamin Dexter..... Martins pseudonym Colonel Cooler... Lime s friend Harry Lime.............. Martins best friend Anna Schmidt..... Lime s girlfriend Colonel Calloway... policeman Dr. Winkler......... Lime s doctor Herr Koch............... Lime s neighbour Mr. Crabbin........ porter of the Sacher s Plot Rollo Martins comes to Vienna to meet his old school-friend Harry Lime. He is not at the airport so he takes a taxi to his flat. There Lime s neighbour Herr Koch tells him that his friend died because he was run over by a car and that he died immediately. So Rollo goes to the funeral at the Central Cemetery. There he meets Colonel Calloway. They visit a bar and ...

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