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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction pp.2-3 2. Interpretation of Contemporary Poems of the 1960s pp.3-9 2.1. Bob Dylan s Blowing in the Wind pp.3-5 2.1.1. The Song s History 2.1.2. Analysis 2.1.3. Dylan s Appeal to theReader 2.1.4. Personal View of the Song 2.2. Barry Sadler s Ballad of the Green Beret pp.5-7 The Song s Background What is a Green Beret ? Analysis The Song s Aim: Praise the Perfect Soldier Bob Dylan s With God on our Side pp.7-10 The Motto Analysis Comparison 3.1. Comparison of Blowing in the Wind and Ballad of the Green Beret pp.10-13 3.2. Comparison of With God on our Side and Ballad of the Green Beret 3.3.The Three Poems From Patriotism to Doubts and Irony Personal Conclusion pp.13-14 Addendum pp.15-25 5.1.Words to Blowing in the Wind 5.2.Words to Ballad of the Green Beret 5.3.Words to With God on our Side 5.4.The Special Forces Prayer 5.5.Bob Dylan s Biography 1941-1997 5.6.Barry Allen Sadler s Biography 1940-1989 6. Bibliography pp.26-26 Introduction The sixties-a time of change After World War II , the American people , under Dwight D. Eisenhower´s presidency , wanted peace and quiet and an end to all activism.The Eisenhower years were times of great conformity , when even the nation´s youth aspired to little more than the standard pattern of material success represented by a nice car, well-behaved children , and a pleasant house in the suburbs.Rather contrastive to the ideals and ambitions of young Americans in the 50s new ideas were born in the 60s.The ...

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