Grisham, John: The Pelican Brief

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The Pelican Brief The Pelican Brief is a political thriller from John Grisham. It was published by Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc. New York in 1992. Subject: In a cold october night two judges of the highest law-court are killed. A young law-student writes a file about her theory of the murders. But she doesn´t know how dangerous this file is for everybody who read it. So she also has to run for her life. Setting: The story takes place in New Orleans, Washington and New York. Characters: Darby Shaw: She is the young law-student who writes the Pelican brief after the murders. She is a very clever person who has to survive a lot of deadly traps. Gray Grantham: He is a famous reporter who works for the Washington Post. He helps Darby to solve the case. Fletcher Coal: He is the personal assistant of the president. He tries to stop Darby and Gray. Denton Voyles: He is the FBI-president. Gavin Verheek: He is a lawyer who works for the FBI and he is a friend of Thomas Callahan. Thomas Callahan: He is a law-professor at the University of Tulane. He has an affair with Darby. Khamel: He is the profi-killer who assassinates the judges and Verheek. Events Plot: In a cold october night the two famous judges Rosenberg and Jensen are killed. The police doesn´t know anything about the murderer. Thomas Callahan, a law-professor, can´t believe it. He had worked for Rosenberg a few years ago. He is very shocked about the killings. His girlfriend Darby Shaw, a law-student, is very ...

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