Steinbeck, John: The Pearl

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Marcus Meisel,7C THE PEARL by John Steinbeck Author: The Pearl was written by JOHN STEINBECK, who was born in Salinas, California, in 1902. His first three books were financial failures, and he worked at various kinds of jobs to survive, including fruit picking. His first success was Tortilla Flat (1935), followed by a number of other works. His great masterpiece was The Grapes of Wrath, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 1940. In 1962 Steinbeck was the sixth American who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He died in New York City, in December 1968. Published : It´s a Bantam Book, published by arrangement with The Viking Press. It was first published in WOMAN´S HOME COMPANION , in Dec.1945 , under the title The Pearl of the World . Type of book: It is an enduring and classic fable, sensitively told, in simple and beautiful language. The Pearl is a book to be read many times and cherished forever. The Pearl - Steinbeck at the top of his form - The New York Times. Subject: It´s a story about good luck and bad luck in a poor fisherman´s life. The setting of the story is located in the southernmost part of California , in Mexico , near the town La Paz. It is the story of a fisherman who found a pearl beyond price , the Pearl of the World. With the pearl, he hoped to buy peace and happiness for himself, his wife and their little son. Instead he found that peace and happiness are not to be purchased. They are, themselves, pearls beyond price. The most important persons: Kino: a ...

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