Beethoven, Ludwig van : Symphony no. 9

Beethoven, Symphony, Ode to Joy, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Beethoven, Ludwig van : Symphony no. 9
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Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827): Symphony no. 9 in D minor, opus 125, Fourth movement 23:22 Text: portions of Ode to Joy by Friedrich Schiller I wrote this analysis of the last movement of Beethoven`s Ninth Symphony to aidmy students in following along as the music played. The timings are based onthe classic 1952 recording conducted by Arturo Toscanini (RCA Victor Gold Seal)60256-2-RG), but the timings could be adjusted to fit any other recording.Please keep in mind that this was written by a non-musician for non-musiciansin a general humanities class and does not pretend to be a technicalanalysis--just a way of helping beginning listeners to classical musicappreciate what is going on. Elapsed time 0:00 The movement opens agitatedly as the orchestra picks up fragments of one theme after another from the previous three movements, as if seeking a satisfactory vehicle for its expression; but each is discarded in turn. 1:15 The first seven notes of the main theme to come are tentatively uttered, but it too is abandoned as the search continues. 2:17 Once again the theme begins, this time in the woodwinds, but it soon breaks off. 2:46 Finally, the theme emerges decisively in the basses for a subdued first statement. 3:24 The second statement is calm, tranquil, confident, and the theme continues onward in the various voices of the orchestra, broad and flowing. 4:38 The winds make a strong statement of the theme. 5:49 The flow of the music abruptly halts--there are rapid ...

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