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Libya The land of infinite variety and contrast I. Location II. Climate III. The history of Libya IV. The great Sahara 1. Ghadames 2. Tripoli V. The archaeological sites 1. Leptis Magna 2. Sabrata I. Location Libya is situated in the northern part of Africa and possesses a Mediterranean coastline of approximately 2.000 kilometers which is well indented with harbours, bays, sandy beaches, rocky caves and huge cliffs. Libya has an area of approximately 1.750.000 sq km (the third largest country in Africa and five times larger than Germany) and a population of about 5 millions. The strategic location has made Libya throughout the ages a link between the eastern, western and central regions of Africa and the continent´s gateway to Europe. It has a common frontier with Egypt to the east, Sudan to the south-east, Chad and Niger to the south and with Algeria and Tunisia to the west and north-west respectively. II. Climate The climate in Libya is greatly influenced by the desert to the south and the Mediterranean sea to the north. In the winter the nothern areas and the mountain peaks to the south can be fairly cold. During summer it is generally very hot between 27 C and 31 C and these can be even higher in the southern desert. The coastal areas are refreshing with temperatures of between 25 C and 27 C. But a phenomenon during spring and autumn(although it can happen at other times) is the ghibli which is a hot, very dry, sand-laden wind that can raise the temperatures in a matter ...

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