Brown, Christy: My left Foot

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Marcus Meisel , 8C my left foot by Christy Brown Author: My Left Foot was written by Christy Brown, who was born in Doublin, Ireland, in the Rotunda Hospital, on June 5th 1932. His father was a bricklayer in Doublin, his mother housewife. He was one of 22 children, but he was a victim of cerebrial palsys what means that he could not control his speech properly or his movement, apart from his left foot. To have the possibility of communication through his left foot, enabled him to become a great writer and painter. He typed this autobiography with his left foot. He later wrote an autobiographical novel, Down all the Days, which was very successful. Other novels written by him are A Promising Career,A Shadow on Summer and Wild Grow the Lilies, and he also published his poetry in Collected Poems. He died in 1981. Published : It´s aMinerva Book, published by Mandarin Paperbacks in 1990. It was first published in Great Britain 1954 by Martin Secker & Warburg Limited. The book was reisussed and reprinted in 1994. Type of book: It is an autobiography, in a simple but meaningful language. My Left Foot is a book to be read many times and cherished forever. One of the literary greats of the modern age - Irish Times Riveting, funny and inspiring - Irish Times A story of courage that is wise and in no way morbid - Sunday Times Subject: It´s the autobiography about the development of a child, born with a terrible physical disablement, cerebral palsy, in a poor Irish family, until a ...

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