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Preface The real reason why I ve chosen Australia as my special topic is that at first I didn t know which topic I should choose anyway. Then I remembered a book I read when I was at the age of twelve. This book was about Australia and it s culture. I remembered all that beautiful pictures about he landscape there, the old black wrinkled gray curly haired man only dressed with a loincloth, the jumping crazy kangaroos with their babies in their bags. I suddenly had also fond memories of the cute delightful koalas. Suddenly I knew which special topic I should choose. Australia, the real country of unlimited opportunity. I bought five books and the more I read the more I got interested in that fantastic continent. So I seeked all my encyclopedias and also started searching the internet for further information. I found so much that I had to reduce it, otherwise it wouls go beyond the scope of this special topic. I hope the following points are sufficiently compiled and developed. As far as I m concerned, Australia will surely be one of my next holiday destinations. Perhaps it will become my new home any time. List of Contents Australia Introduction The largaest island and he smallest continent in the world contains an immense variety of different landscapes in an area of 7,682,300 km . The continent separates two great oceans the Pacific to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west. There are enormous areas which are arid or semi-dessert and mostly uninhabited. This is the ...

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