Lear, King: What s happening

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King Lear - What s happening ... First act 1. Scene At the king s palace the Earl of Gloucester and the Earl of Kent waiting for his majesty Lear. Ceremonious the king enters the hall, followed by his three daughters Cordelia, Goneril and Regan and the son-in-laws the Duke of Albany and the Duke of Cornwall. King Lear sends a servant for the King of France and the Duke of Burgeoned who are in order to marry his youngest daughter Cordelia. After having done this, Lear pronounces his decision to divide his kingdom under his three daughters. He makes it a condition that every daughter has to show the extent of her love towards the king of England, just to know : Which of you shall we say doth love us most ? The one who he thinks is the most honourable will get the richest part of the kingdom. With effusive words both of his oldest daughters Goneril and Regan declare that it is the greatest thing on earth to prove their love to Lear. Therefore each one gets a third of his possession. Then he orders his third daughter Cordelia to speak up to him. But what a shock The youngest daughter declares: I love you majesty According to my bond; no more nor less As Lear wants to know more about her attitude she explains that when she is married she has to share her love dutiful between husband and father. In a fit of anger Lear withholds her the third part of his Kingdom and rejects Cordelia. And also the Earl of Kent, who tries to bring Lear to his senses is rejected. Finally the third ...

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