Gordimer, Nadine: Selected Stories

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Nadine Gordimer: Selected Stories Nadine Gordimer (born 1923) has made her career under difficult circumstances. Born an English-speaking Jew in South Africa, she resented and resisted the pressure to conform to the white supremacist attitudes embodied in the system of apartheid. She has been politically active most of her life, and has often written about the relationships among white radicals, liberals, and blacks in South Africa. Her most widely-read works are novels like The Conservationist (1974) and Burger`s Daughter (1979); but many people believe her finest writing to be contained in her short stories. In 1991 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Although she is one of the most distinguished of modern women writers, she has resisted being classed as a feminist. See what you think of her portraits of men and women in the following stories.The Bridegroom (1960) Caravan trailer. Ou Piet, ek wag. Hey, Piet; I`m awake, in Afrikaans, the language of the Dutch-descended whites. Note the tone with which the protagonist addresses Piet, whom we are told later is a good cook. Koeksusters are crullers, deep-fried sugared strips of dough. Kaffir is an insulting term for South African blacks. Baas Boss. Note how all blacks are called boys, regardless of age. Why is he anxious that the blacks not hang around? Look for passages which reveal his attitudes toward the blacks. Note his characterization of the night noises they make. Two of the musical instruments being ...

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