Anonymous: Go Ask Alice

runaway, family problems, relationships, love, drugs, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Anonymous: Go Ask Alice
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Go Ask Alice Alice is fifteen, white, middle, class. She diets, she dates. She loves Roger but the most time he doesn t notice her. If she would ever sleep with a boy she would sleep with him. Alice hates her look. She wants to be pretty and slim. Lately she loses fascination about all things. School is boring and she doesn t even go to parties. Her parents want to move. Her Dad is invited to become the Dean of the Political Science at - . Alice is happy and is not hard for her to leave the old school. But she misses her old house and her grandparents who she calls gramp and gran. Alice has a brother called Tim and a sister Alexandria. The two are younger than Alice. At her new school it is horrible for her. Nobody speaks to her the first days. but her brother and sister like the new school. Finally she finds a friend at school. Her name is Gerda, but Alice s mother and father don t like her. Alice doesn t feel happy in her family. She hates his sister and her brother more than she loves them. Tim is intolerable and her mother is constantly Peking at her. Alice gets to know Beth Baum. Beth is Jewish and her father is a doctor. Her mother nags a lot. Alice s parents like Beth, because she is pretty nice. In the holidays Beth goes on a summer camp for six weeks and Alice stays at her grans. One day she meets Jill Peters and she invites her for a party. Alice doesn t like taking drugs. She wants to stop it and to go home, but her grandpa has a little heart - attack and Alice ...

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