Buck, Pearl S.: The Good Earth

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The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck 1., story Pearl S. Buck Good Earth 2., author Pearl Buck was born in the United States, but was taken to China at an early age by her parents, whose life-work was to preach the Christian religion there. At first they lived in Chinkiang, on the river Yangtse Kiang. By the time she went to boarding school in Shanghai, Pearl felt herself to be one of the Chinese. At the age of seventeen she felt for Europe, and then she completed her education at college in America. In 1917 she married Dr. Lossing Buck, whose work took them to North China for five years, and then to Nanking. In Nanking Pearl taught English literature in different universities. In 1928 her first book East Wind, West Wind appeared. Then in 1931 came The Good Earth. The book was an immediate success. Besides writing her many books and translating from the Chinese, Pearl Buck has worked for the better understanding by the West of the Chinese people whom she knows so well. This work earned her a Nobel Peace Prize in 1938. The story is devided into thirteen chapters. 3., summary Wang Lung, a poor farmer, lives together with his father in a little earthen house which has three rooms and a kitchen. They grow wheat and have an ox. Wang has to look after his father who has a bad cough. He has to cook water every morning and sometimes if the harvest was good he can put some tea leaves into the water. It is the time when Wang should get married. He has to go into town where he can collect his ...

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