Rhue, Morton: The Wave

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Morton Rhue The Wave - A classroom out of control A summary by Maximilian Sommer Morton Rhue s story about The Wave bases on a true incident at the American Gorden High School. Ben Ross, a young history teacher known for his famous experiments, shows his pupils a film about the Nazi Regime and Adolph Hitler. Afterwards all the pupils are shocked. They can t imagine that the people of this time didn t do anything against the Nazis. Mr. Ross can t make a statement, he only says it must be something one could only understand by being there or if possible by having a similar situation. So he creates the experiment The Wave . He wants to show his pupils what the life was like in the time of the Second World War. The three rules for this idea are: Strength through discipline , Strength through community and Strength through action . A circle with the shape of a wave in it becomes to the common sign. And they also had a common salute. (Pictures: Turn the sheet round.) On the third day Ross gives his students yellow membership cards. Some have a red X on the other side like Brian s and Robert s cards. Those pupils have to act like monitors. They have to denounce other students who don t obey the rules of The Wave directly to Mr. Ross. The second Gestapo is born. By the way: Brian Ammon and Robert Billings are pupils getting relatively bad marks. Especially Robert is the class loser. Robert and Brian can t like each other, but now they have the same job. This is what Ross wants: ...

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