Davis, Christopher: Philadelphia

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PHILADELPHIA by Christopher Davis About the Virus HIV is present in infectious quantities in blood and blood products, semen and possibly pre-cum, vaginal and cervical secretions and also breast milk. During invasive surgical procedures healthcare workers may also come into contact with the following bodily fluids, which contain significant amount of HIV: Amniotic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid and synovial fluid around bone joints. HIV us also present in negligible quantities in tears and blister fluid, but is not present in urine, vomit and sweat. Generally the fragile nature of the virus prevents it from surviving for a substantial amount of time in the open air. The only studies on the survival of HIV outside the body have been conducted in the laboratory under controlled scientific conditions. These studies have found HIV is not affected by extreme cold, but it is destroyed by temperatures of 60 degrees centigrade and above. Scientific studies have found that HIV can sometimes survive in dried blood at room temperature for up to six days. It is extremely difficult to assess exactly the length of survival of HIV outside the body in a non-laboratory setting. HIV can t create itself under any circumstances. The virus has to be present in a person s body and then passed on to someone else. HIV doesn t develop in a person s body of its own accord like for example cancer. HIV is a transmissible infection, which is passed from one person to another. The only way that a person can ...

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