Education in the United Kingdom

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Education in the UK Many 3 and 4-year-olds go to nursery schools. Compulsory school starts for all children at the age of five. They must stay at school until they are 16. Now the they are 12 years in school. Years 1 and 2 are spent in infant schools 3-6 junior schools 7-12 high schools When they are sixteen they have to take the GCSE. From 16 to 18 many students stay in school an study for A levels. There are two types of school in the UK. There are state schools and private schools. 93 of the schoolchildren go to state schools. State schools: 1) Comprehensive schools 90 attend them. Comprehensive schools are non-selective. Manx of this schools becoming specialist schools. 2) Grammar schools and 3) secondary modern schools 3 of the schoolchildren go to these schools. When you want to go to a grammar school you must pass an exam at the age of 11. Children who don t pass the exam go to secondary modern school. Private schools Private schools are also called public schools. The most famous ones are Eton and Harrow. Public schools can cost anything from 2000 pounds to more than 10000 pounds a year. There are two types Day schoolsChildren spend the day at school and return hom in the evenings. Boarding schoolsChildren live there during term time. ...

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