Angela s Ashes

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Presentation of the book Angela s Ashes by Frank McCourt Author: Frank McCourt, the author and main character of this novel was born in 1931 in Brooklyn, New York, as the son of two Irish immigrants, Angela and Malachy McCourt.He grew up in Limerick (Ireland), from where he went to America at the age of nineteen. After spending every spare minute reading books from the public library, Frank started a career as a high-school teacher. He began writing about his childhood, when he was 60 years old and had told them many times to his classes at school and in some bars of New York. His novel Angela s Ashes went straight into the best-seller lists and brought him the Pulitzer Prize. Nowadays Frank lives with his wife, Ellen, in New York City. Characterisation: Frank McCourt: He is the teller of the story and the eldest son of Angela and Malachy McCourt.Frank has a close relationship to his younger brother Malachy junior. He is very growing up for his young age and knows much about the world around him.Angela McCourt : She is the mother of Frank, a strong, proud and loving morther. But she suffers a lot from losing children, Margaret, Oliver and Eugene who died. She also can not cope with the alcohol problem of her husband Malachy.Malachy McCourt : He is the husband of Angela McCourt, an egoistic and disrespectful man.Malachy also has a big problem with alcohol and boozes very ofte the family´s income support away. The only person, who kept him from drinking once, was his little ...

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