Law,crime and punishment in the US

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Spezialgebiet Englisch law,crime and punishment in the US Matthias Herzog Law, crime and punishment in the U.S. State Law and Federal Law: Law and order is becoming an increasingly big issue in the United States, and politicans are being perusaded by anxious voters to put it at the top of the political agenda, alongside docial welfare, jobs and the economy. Dispite a drop percentage of most crimes, violent and gun-related crimes seems to be rising. It´s all very well, say some, talking of peace in the Middle-East, but what about the Middle West? Americans are keen that their house, too, should be put in order. Ferderal Law: In the USA, there are two main types of law: ferderal law and state law. Ferderal laws apply to all citizens living within the the national territory and are made by the national government in Washington, D.C.. Ferderal government controls laws concerned with ferderal or national interests. The Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) is responsible for conducting investigation into infrigements of these laws. State Law: The vast majority of laws relating to the ordinary citizens (e.g. laws concering divorce, speed limits,alcohol consumption, gambling and education) are made by individual states. There are many variations in state laws, and this may sometimes appear contradictory: the death penalty is applicable in 36 of the 50 states, so it can be very important where you decide to murder someone. Similary, speed limits and acohol age limits will vary from ...

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