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LONDONvon Nicole Jägersberger & Sabine BreimaierHAK 2. Jahrgang Today we want to invite you on a journey to London. London has 7 million inhabitants and is the capital of the United Kingdom. The climate is mild and damp and the weather is generally cloudy and foggy. Now we will tell you something about the history of London. 500.000 years ago was the vally of the Thamse homeland of many stralling hunter and gatherer but prime the Romans settled big and fortified colonies. 43 years after Christ imperator Claudius arranged London which was known as Londium , and engineerd the first bridge across the Thamse. Boadicea attaced London in 61. Today it is possible to see reminats of Roman s handwork like the City Wall, which was built in the year 200. 410 the roman occupation left the country. King Ethelbert built the St. Pauls Cathedral in 604. 834 the vikings assaulted London. Alfred the Great ascend the throw of Wessex in 884.The Danes conquered London and destroyed the London Bridge in 1014. In 1066 was the battle of Hastings that followed authority. The first Stone bridge across the Thamse was built in 1176. In 1649 Charles 1. was behead. The Great Fire destroyed a fifth of the town and raged 4 days in 1666. London was the largest City in the world with 8.600.000 inhabitants in 1801. In 1837 was the assunption of office from Queen Victoria. In 1863 was the initation of the first underground between Paddington and Farringdon. At least we will show you the sights of London: ...

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