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Esperanto Esperanto is a language designed to make communication easier between people all over the world. It was published from Dr. L.L.Zamenhof in 1887. He was an Eye Doctor from Poland. The language is called Esperanto because Dr. Zamenhof has published it under the pseudonym Dr. Esperanto . The word Esperanto means one who hopes . Esperanto is easier to learn than national languages because it s very simple and regular there are no exceptions. Every word is pronounced exactly as it spelt. You can learn Esperanto via E-mail in about 20-30 hours. For a native English speaker is Esperanto five times as easy to learn as Spanish or French, ten times as easy to learn as Russian and twenty times as easy to learn as Arabic, spoken Chinese or Japanese. Many Esperantist say that they better speak Esperanto after studying it few month s then a language they ve learnt several years in school. But Esperanto is not made to replace any other language. If you have learnt Esperanto it can be easier for you to learn other languages. Esperanto s regular grammar, word formation and flexible syntax makes it easier to understand other languages grammar and rules. The words from Esperanto are about 75 from Latin and Romance, 20 comes from Germanic languages and the rest comes from Slavic languages and Greek. There are about 2 million speakers worldwide. If you once learnt Esperanto, you can use it, when you want to have contact with people from all over the world with different countries and ...

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