Jack the Ripper The Massacre of London

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Jack the Ripper The Massacre of London Jack the Ripper was the world s first famous serial killer, who killed five prostitutes in England s capital London more than a hundred years ago. In those days, London was still the biggest city of the world, and the East End , where the murders took place, was the hugest slum of England s capital. London s East End was known for the place where prostitutes and poor people lived in tiny little streets. It was a rather unpleasant place to live; unemployment and low wages brought poverty and homelessness, and a general feeling of desperation provoked the air. Robbery and assault were commonplace, and gangs ruled the streets. It was the murderer Jack the Ripper, who managed to scare London s inhabitants to death for about three months. At that time, the fatal disease pest was the reason why so many people lost their lives. The murders happened between the sixth of August and the ninth of November, every time at night between eleven o clock and four o clock in the morning; his victims were only women who sold their bodies to men in the streets, called prostitutes. The whole Jack-the-Ripper-Story began on Friday, 31st August 1888, when the dead body of the first acknowledged Ripper victim was found in London s East End. It was a woman called Mary Ann Nichols, also known as Polly, who worked as a prostitute and lived from 1845-1888. After having had a drink in the pup Frying Pan in Brick Lane Whitechapel in the early morning of 31st August ...

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