Government in Britain

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GOVERNMENT IN BRITAIN The british parliament has two Houses, or Chambers; the House of Lords and the House of Commons. House of Lords: The members of the House of Lords are not elected. Often they are members of aristocratic families, bishops, judges or people with titles. That means that most members of the House of Lords are there because of something their ancestors did. House of Commons: The House of Commons is the most powerful House and consists of 651 Members of Parliament, MP s. The House of Commons decides national policy and makes laws. The party with the most MP s forms the government. The leader of the winning party becomes Prime Minister and appoints the cabinet. The members of the cabinet are the leading government ministers. The Prime Minister is the most important person in Parliament. The party who comes second is the Opposition and forms it s own Shadow Cabinet. The MP s sit on benches facing each other. On the left side is the Government and on the right the Opposition. The MP s are not allowed to sit where they want. The ministers sit on the front benches and the less important MP s on the back benches. That s why they are called backbencher. Between the Government and the Opposition there are two red lines. This means that the Chamber is divided in two. MP s are not allowed to cross these lines. The House of Commons has a chairman, called the Speaker, whose job is to keep the House in order.The Speaker sits in the center at the back, on a high chair, ...

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