Larid, Elizabeth: Jay

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JAY ELIZABETH LAIRD 1997, MAMMOTH AUTHOR Elizabeth Laird was born in New Zealand but she lived in London until she grew up. As soon as she could, she began to travel, and went off to live first in Malaysia, then in Ethiopia, Iraq, Lebanon and Austria ( ) Now she lives near London with her husband, who is also a writer, and her two sons. She likes reading (a lot), gardening, walking, going to the cinema, talking to friends and cooking (sometimes). As well as Jay, she has written Red Sky in the Morning (Highly Commended for the Carnegie Medal), Kiss the Dust (which won the Children s Book Award), Hiding Out and Secret Friends. SHORT SUMMARY Cassie, the first person narrator and protagonist of the book, has been suffering from hepatitis for months. With the help and care of her family and her best friend Ven she recovers completely and is able to continue leading a normal life. But suddenly things change and her life is wretched from under her. One day her father leaves home to live with another woman called Jenny and what is more is that her older brother James (called Jay ) runs away. He starts taking the drugs which Riff, his best friend , gives to him until he totally freaks out and ends up in a clinic. ONE ASPECT DRUGS Although the book is just fiction I think it shows the fall from a well-situated kid to a drug-addicted junkie in a very credible way. Jay can t cope with the thought of his father having a girlfriend and abandoning his family. He feels neglected and so ...

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