Greene, Shep: The boy who drank too much

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Greene, Shep: The boy who drank too much
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The boy, who drank too much by Shep Greene main characters: Buff: Ousider who came from Canada with his dad and drinks Narrator ( no name is given ): guy who helped buff to cope with his problems Place: somewhere in America Time: about 1970-1980 The narrator of this story was a boy who played hockey. He came from a middle-class family in the USA. He wasn t such a good player. One day Buff Saunders, also a hockey player had an accident on the ice where he lost four teeth. The narrator took him to hospital because no one else offered help. Buff was an outsider. He and his dad came from Canada. Buff had no friends until that happened but after the accident a friendship developed between Buff and the narrator. He took the narrator to his home where Buff s new friend became the witness of a horrible thing. Buff told his father that he wanted to quit playing hockey. But his father didn t allow that. He pinned his son against the wall and punched him right in the face. Buff neither did nor said something against the hits of his father. Mr. Saunders had been a hockey player years ago and wanted his son to become a pro. But Buff had other things in mind. Not that he didn t like hockey but he didn t want to play it aggressively. The narrator saw how Mr. Saunder hit his boy and was shocked. When he went home he decided not to talk to anyone about what he had seen some minutes ago. Some weeks after that happening they had a hockey game. Afterwards everyone went home. The narrator ...

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